Bing Ads

After creating a Google AdWords campaign, Bing Ads makes it easy to transfer over a PPC campaign. With some tweaks, set up requires a lot less work.

Why Bing?

Bing Ads is quite similar to Google AdWords, except it targets people on a different search engine. Since not everyone uses Google, you’re leaving business on the table by not targeting these other searchers. Many businesses are also unaware that Bing Ads is able to place ads on Yahoo as well. By combining both search engines, you’re able to reach around 30% of all searches.

It’s search network isn’t the only major difference either. Bing’s content network features different websites for display and remarketing ads, enabling you to reach a much larger audience.

Campaign Management:

Many companies that try to run Bing Ads themselves will find that it’s much tougher than they originally anticipated. We also work with companies that have an existing Bing Ads account, but need someone to take it over.

Campaign Analysis:

We help companies accurately set expectations by offering a free PPC analysis to provide you with insight on an ideal budget, the types of keywords we want to attract, and other information.

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