Web Design & Web Development

Our team at KathodeRay will work with you to create, maintain, or update your existing company website. After determining what your goals and budget are for your site, we will utilize our expertise to program, design, and create content that will drive traffic to your site.

Is your webmaster MIA? We can help secure your domain name, hosting information, and often archive or re-create your website if needed. Most importantly, we will create a system to ensure your website information will not be left unattended in the future.

Easily Accessible Websites

The websites we create entice the modern customer and make it easier for you. We accomplish this through:

WordPress Websites

KathodeRay Media builds beautifully designed websites using WordPress as our content management system (CMS). Using this CMS, we’re able to provide customers with a website that is easily accessible on their end and provides countless plugins to improve functionality.

Built to Convert

Having a high converting website can result in huge increases to sales. Studies show that you have 0-8 seconds to make an impression and 96% of visitors aren’t ready to do business with you when they’re visiting your site. This is why focusing on conversion optimization is important when building a website. When we create your website, we’ll use best practices to design a website that will get you more business

What Should I Expect?

As a business, you may be looking for “cheap web design,” but we want to ensure you’re focusing on how this website can help you accomplish your goals as a business. Simply having a website isn’t quite enough in today’s marketplace.

Having a strategy in place that will tailor your website to your brand, make it easy to convert leads, and be appealing in design are meaningful factors to creating a successful business. While we still strive to offer affordable web design for our clients, we want to be sure your website is effective.

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