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Greene County partnered with KathodeRay to engage local consumers while attracting new businesses.

Our mission? To increase sales tax revenue. Sounds boring doesn't it? We didn't think so.

In 2008, our campaign started with an agenda to "Think BiG" by keeping your purchases in the County. There was also a feeling that our rural area "didn't have anything". We changed that by promoting over 1,000 local businesses to our residents, second homeowners and visitors.

In 2015, we added an Invest In Greene component, encouraging new entrepreneurs to "Do What You Do in a Place You'll Love" successfully attracting over 30 new businesses to date.

Image of the Buy In Greene Website
The website is leveraged to funnel consumers to the information they need, while drawing interest from entrepreneurs.
Image of a Ad targeting Craft Beverage Producers in Greene County
Niche publication ads attract our target market to Greene County.
Image of an eBook offer for Greene County
Narrowly targeted eBooks engage potential business owners starting a conversation with the Economic Development Team.
Image of the Holiday season Ads
The digital Holiday Ad campaign attracts shoppers from the surrounding counties.
Image of Positively Greene Newsletter
Monthly newsletter focuses on the many positive County programs.