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Bringing awareness and a path to recovery to those suffering from an addiction to Opioids.

Greener Pathways is a new organization that came to KathodeRay to engage families and individuals who are suffering from opioid addiction through a variety of programs.

Greene County has the third highest rate of opioid-related deaths in New York State, so our community-awareness messaging focuses on recognizing the signs - If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, help is just a call (or click) away at

Image of a trifold brochure for Columbia & Green counties
This trifold brochure is distributed throughout Greene and Columbia Counties.
Image of an ad which had 6,100 viewers
On August 31st this ad was viewed 6,100 in Greene & Columbia counties.
Image of the Greener Pathways Website
A parallax website is used to impart accurate information information and to measure results for all digital (including social) ads.
Image of Palm Cards for Greener Pathways
Palm Cards are very effective when distributed by First Responders.