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In January 2021, KathodeRay Media was awarded a significant contract to transform the brand presence of a municipal department, engaging its target audiences with intuitive, memorable and elegant implementations of its specific programs, services, and community interactions.  Our approach was to create a master brand for these efforts with the common key element of ‘Commerce’ and three supporting sub-brands for each of the department’s focus areas.

The overarching voice and style of the Rockland Commerce “Rock” Brands is summarized in a comprehensive style-guide that serves as a primary reference for the development and implementation of all forthcoming campaigns and initiatives.

Rockland Commerce

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Commerce is the lifeline that ties Rockland County and all the associated “Rock Brands” together. It’s what encourages economic stability and growth, and it supports a healthy business environment and empowers companies to compete at the highest level.

Make It Rockland

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Rockland County is bursting with opportunity for employers and possesses a combination of key factors that Make It Rockland. Its unparalleled amenities, highly educated, driven, and diverse workforce, desirable residential options, and business-friendly services are what attract so many people and businesses to the area.

Destination Rockland

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Rockland County is the “Gateway to New York” – to those coming up from NYC and Long Island, it’s their gateway to the rest of the state. To those coming from other regions of the state, it’s their gateway to the city. More than that, though, Rockland County possesses an eclectic mix of unmatched natural, cultural, historical, and commercial assets attracting visitors from all over the world. While within the region, the rich and diverse culture and special attractions will entice tourists to make their Destination Rockland, again and again

REEL Rockland

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The film industry isn’t just for NYC or LA, as film production in Rockland County has grown to become one of its most profitable industry sectors. More and more producers and film workers have noticed Rockland’s great variety of locations, its proximity to NYC, and pro-business focus make it a leading destination in the world for filming. This generates revenue and helps spur development in the County, while also giving us a chance to display all the things that make Rockland great and helps foster pride in its communities.

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