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Help Your Communities Understand the Benefits of IDAs with KathodeRay Media’s Demystifying IDAs Program

Explaining the Benefit of IDAs to Your Communities

Industrial Development Agencies offer so much to their communities! We understand, however, that many misconceptions exist about the role of the local IDA. When it comes to showing your community the value that your IDA serves, it’s helpful to focus on three points:

  1. IDAs Are Transparent – IDAs are some of the most regulated and transparent entities in the country. They also have the most oversight built into general municipal law statutes. IDAs are audited yearly through an independent third-party and are overseen by the Office of State Comptroller. This enables audits at any time, by request.
  2. IDAs Are Economic Drivers – IDAs advocate for and educate others on economic development. They support transparency, reaching out to their communities on policy matters. At the same time, they promote their ability to boost the region’s economy. IDAs work together with their community to develop the best plans for the area at large.
  3. IDAs Are Open to the Public – IDAs welcome additional input from the members of the communities they serve. After all, they help develop the entire region beyond just strict “business” applications. IDAs support housing, clean energy, infrastructure, broadband, downtown revitalization, workforce development, and more.

How Our Program Works

We know you do all the above and more. The question is, “Do the people that need to know what you do (and how you do it) actually know how much the efforts of your organization contribute to the economic wellbeing of their communities?”

Time and time again, once the residents of a community understand the good work IDAs do, they support projects more (and oppose them less often).

While the skillsets and expertise of IDAs are right for getting your job done well, you rarely have the time or resources to promote your services and accomplishments and build essential community support. That’s where we come in.

In our Demystifying IDAs program, our team collaborates with yours to discover the real-world challenges of your organization. After we meet, if you like what you hear, you may choose to move forward with a Strategic Marketing Plan.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan ($2,500)

Let’s face it, it can hard to commit to a program without knowing what you’ll be getting and what it will cost.  So, we make it simple.

We start by meeting with your organization’s stakeholders to hear their stories and understand the opportunities and challenges you all face. We have frank discussions on what you need to achieve, and what’s standing in your way.  We take all that we’ve learned from you, then validate it with our own research.

Within 30 days, we’ll deliver a real-world plan that identifies:

  • Specific challenges, and innovative solutions to overcoming them,
  • Key messaging and talking points to let everyone know who you are and what you do,
  • A targeted outreach plan to reach those who need to know you,
  • Media strategies that deliver your message and build your reputation,
  • The costs and resources you’ll need to budget for, and
  • The results you can expect.

Implementing Your Plan

Once you have your strategy and know the cost’s involved to execute it – you can create a real budget to fund a successful initiative. With your goals and core message defined, we produce engaging campaigns to tell your IDA’s story.

We define the best mix of ‘old-school’ and ‘cutting-edge’ marketing & advertising methods to best fit your story and your community. Our strategic content writers, designers, marketing specialists and website developers all work as an extension of your organization to bring your program to market. We create the content. We produce the campaign. We review, analyze, and refine your program to achieve the desired results.

 Example Plan Implementations

Community Awareness: It’s important that your constituents know how you are working toward the good all community members.  With our community awareness plan the KathodeRay Media team will create a consistent, strategic messaging deployed via organic social posts and boosted social media posts on Facebook and Instagram which will drive traffic back to your website creating awareness and capturing valuable leads. We provide detailed monthly reports that not only show you the value of the campaigns but help us to refine your program to achieve the most desirable results.  $4500/ monthly (includes ad spend)

Influencer Engagement: Our Influencer engagement monthly newsletter campaigns put your work front and center with valued constituents.  This proven tactic creates not only awareness of your projects and the associated benefits, but also community advocates who will then share your successes with their fellow citizens.  Our monthly newsletters for IDAs are created with the highest level of professionalism and will serve as a valuable asset to your mission. $750/ monthly