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Home Improvement Retail Marketing Ideas

Grow your home improvement business.

If your company focuses on Home Improvement you’ll need to attract:

  • Homeowners
  • DIYers
  • Contractors

What’s the best way to do this? By promoting your products, services, and promotional sales consistently.

Home Improvement & Lumberyard Marketing

Here’s our three step method. First define your most profitable customers. Next, get the word out to the right audience when they are looking to solve their problem. And finally, keep in touch by delivering regular content your customers find invaluable.

1. Define your ideal customers.  Begin figuring out your best customers by answering “Who does my team enjoy working with?”. Then run a report to determine which products and services are the most profitable. Then think about, who usually purchases those products? Don’t forget to define your delivery or service area, either by zip codes or a radius. Soon you will have about three ideal customer “profiles” that you can use in the next step.

2. Get the word out at the right time. Your customers are predictable. They have the same problems to solve, at the same time of year. Using these problems as your starting point, create a list of solutions for each month.

Here’s an example of Spring Exterior Home Projects:

  • April: Weed and mulch Gardens
  • May: Clean and repair, or build a Patio or Deck
  • June: Repair or install Siding.

Now, add in the products, services, and promotions for that month. Let’s use May for our example (Clean and repair, or build a Patio or Deck):

    • Products:

      • TimberTech or Trex Decking, Cedar or Pressure Treated Wood
      • Cambridge or TimberTech Pavers
      • Arborcoat Stain, Cabot Stain, or similar
      • Thompson’s Water Seal or other cleaning and sealing solutions

Services: Power washing, Deck design, Deck installation

From this plan, your company should be:

  • Placing product ads
  • Updating your website’s home page
  • Sharing promotions and DIY info on your social
  • Sending one or more emails
  • and more, but you get the idea…

All talking about these specific products and services. (At the same time.)

Your goal is to help your customer realize your company sells these products or services. If you are running a sale or promotion, make sure to talk about that promotion in ads, on your social, and on your website. If advertising products, you may be able to get co-op to pay 50 percent or more towards the ad fee.

Your customers should feel like your company is “everywhere”. The more places your ads and content are, the more your customers will realize they need your company.

3. Keep in touch with your customers. Do you feel like (or heard from your boss) that your marketing isn’t working? It’s likely that you aren’t keeping in touch with your customers. You may you “get busy” and stop communicating with your customers before they are ready to buy. Some clues? Your company isn’t sending emails, or your social channels have a “recent” post from 2019.

Even a small reminder from your company, each week, can keep you top of mind.

So, how do you make sure you keep in-touch? If you are handling the marketing use scheduling tools. Try to preload your posts or write your emails a month or two in advance. There are also ways to automate your marketing. Which means that messages are sent to interested prospects, based on what they open or click on.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

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