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Our Small Business Marketing Agency helps private companies in specialty niches attract profitable customers. Our priority is keeping your small business top-of-mind while your team is hard at work.

We work best with small businesses that have 10 – 100 employees. If your company has a Marketing Director, we can handle tasks they don’t have time for. If you don’t have one, our team can be your complete in-house marketing team.

When we work with a new client, we start by creating a marketing plan and then once it is developed then we manage the full program for your company. (Including any media placements) We work within a pre-defined annual budget. If your company has access to co-op funds we will leverage them for you.

Our Small Business Marketing Method

Our three-step method is proven to attract new clients to your business:

1. Define your ideal customers.  We Begin figuring out your best customers by answering “Who does my team enjoy working with?”. If possible, it is helpful if you can run a report to determine which products and services are the most profitable. Then we breakdown who usually purchases those products and define your delivery or service area, either by zip codes or a radius. We will easily have three ideal customer “profiles” that we use in the next step.

2. Get the word out at the right time. Your customers are predictable. They have the same problems to solve, sometimes at the same time of year. We use these problems as your starting point, creating a list of solutions for each month or quarter.

3. Keep in touch with your customers. Do you feel like (or heard from your boss) that your marketing isn’t working? It’s likely that you aren’t keeping in touch with your customers. We make sure your company is sending emails, and your social channels have a recent posts. Even a small reminder from your company, each week, can keep you top of mind.

Not ready to reach out?

That’s totally cool with us. If you are in the DIY stage of your marketing plan, we have a bunch of tips, articles and other information to share.

View Our Work
GNH Lumber, Inc. Logo
GNH Lumber, Inc.
Our relationship began in 2008 when we redesigned GNH's website. We quickly became GNH's marketing program manager. Our main targets are homeowners and contractors who are remodeling homes. Our creative challenge is to appeal to both audiences. To do this, the advertising creative is clean and elegant with a friendly voice. The social channels and website offer plenty of helpful tips that appeal to DIYers and new contractors.
Kelly-Fradet Lumber Logo
Kelly-Fradet Lumber
KathodeRay was chosen from over 7 digital marketing and website companies. Why us? We were responsive to their questions and we had the industry experience. We rolled out a comprehensive digital strategy in the first year. Sales increased overall. Each year we have built upon our successes and rolled out new programs that 'make sense' for their team and advertising budget. Our team has been working together since 2016.
Kaufman Organization Logo
Kaufman Organization
The Kaufman Organization has been working with KathodeRay since 2001. It started with a single poster design for their property management arm. From that one project, we formed a relationship that serves multiple departments and has lasted nearly two decades. Today, KathodeRay supports their acquisition and leasing teams to attract tenants to their newly acquired and revitalized properties in New York City.
Holdridge Electric Logo
Holdridge Electric
KathodeRay has been amping up brand awareness for Holdridge since 2012. Their founder Mike brought us in to better promote their general services and increase their standby generator sales. KathodeRay took over their marketing in 2012, reaching prospective customers by augmenting traditional media with improved organic results and social media campaigns.
Brainard Ridge Realty Logo
Brainard Ridge Realty
Brainard Ridge was referred to us by one of our colleagues. The advertisement that started it all was featured in the Catskill Mountain Guide winter of 2017-2018. KathodeRay has helped Brainard Ridge Realty by creating different elements that show off a wide selection of their properties in the Windham Area.
Mario’s Home Center Logo
Mario’s Home Center
Built on a strong relationship, Mario's trusts KathodeRay to reach a whole new generation of customers. Mario's hired us back in 2013 to help with a few minor website updates. Later that year, we implemented a more enhanced website hosting on our redundant servers. Since then, we continue to develop a growing relationship based on results and provide company email services as well.