KathodeRay Media Announces New Ownership

LEEDS (June 18, 2024) – After a 2-year search for the right fit, KathodeRay Media has been acquired by CBBB Holdings.

Headed by Krystof Bartos and Mark Christian, CBBB Holdings drives growth by aggregating and developing synergistic small and medium sized businesses. CBBB Holdings previously acquired the Snyder Group, a Connecticut-based marketing agency, and will operate the two companies in tandem.

Snyder Group President/CEO Charles Roth has been named the new CEO of KathodeRay, bringing many years of experience in design, concepting and lead generation to the team.

“I have been looking for the right partner to acquire KathodeRay for about two years now, and CBBB checked all the boxes,” KathodeRay Media Founder Kathleen McQuaid-Holdridge said. “I wanted to ensure my team can stay together and grow, while expanding KathodeRay’s services. I’m excited to see how KathodeRay evolves under Charles Roth’s leadership, with Krystof and Mark at the helm.”

Team meeting at Gracie's with new ownership

KathodeRay will continue to offer a wide range of marketing services from branding to web hosting with expanded capacity in geofencing advertising and a stronger lead generation team. The KathodeRay team will remain the same with additional support, resources and expertise from Snyder Group.

“Krystof and I are extremely pleased to bring aboard Kathleen and the entire KathodeRay Media team into CBBB Holdings,” CBBB President Mark Christian said. “We firmly believe in KathodeRay’s capabilities, creativity, and energies, alongside Kathleen’s longstanding success with their incredible client roster. We are fortunate to partner with this brilliantly talented group. “

KathodeRay Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Greene County, NY that has been serving the Northeastern US and beyond for more than 25 years, specializing in government communications, public health and home improvement marketing.

Snyder Group is a data-driven digital marketing services firm based in Connecticut, serving regional, national and international clients in industries that include manufacturing, technology, life sciences and education.

CBBB Holdings is an investment holdings company with footprints in Europe and the United States. The company specializes in driving growth by aggregating and developing synergistic small and medium-sized Professional Services businesses.