Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

When we begin working on a successful marketing campaign, the first step is to learn the strategic goals of your company, organization or government entity. We do this by asking a series of questions, such as …. Is the objective to raise awareness of an issue? Are you seeking to increase the visibility of your government organization? Is your company seeking to grow product sales or expand a service line? How much growth or market share do you need or want to obtain? Once we have a clear understating of the objective, when we can proceed to drafting the outline of a custom marketing strategy.

One of the questions we are often asked is “How much will it cost?”. Successful campaigns can be created within a variety of budget parameters. The amount of the investment your entity will need to devote to raising awareness and attracting potential customers is directly tied to a few metrics. Is the campaign targeted to a local, regional or national audience? What is the age of your target audience? What are their interests, job titles, income and affiliations? Finally, we need to determine if your company plans to be passive, moderate or aggressive in your marketing efforts. Marketing campaigns are most effective when sustained consistently, with ongoing evaluation of results and campaign modifications throughout the lifetime of the campaign or effort.

At this point, we evaluate your current messaging and advertising efforts, review your products or services offerings and determine how both align with your strategic goals. If you already have marketing efforts in place, we do not always need to start from scratch. Our agency enjoys collaborating with other agencies and individuals, and besides your team may already be gaining successful results in certain areas of your advertising plan while needing help with other faucets of the campaign or messaging. At this point in the process, you will receive a comprehensive proposal that details a complete roll-out plan, that often includes specific details of collateral and campaigns that will most effectively align with your strategic goals.

Strategic Marketing Campaign Workflow

Successful Marketing Campaign Examples

We are very proud of our successful marketing campaign examples. To better serve our clients, we focus on these core competencies: Economic Development and Tourism; Elective Healthcare Public Health and Awareness; Home Improvement and Related Services; and Real Estate Companies and Services. This allows our team to specialize not only in marketing techniques such as social media campaigns, content production and website design, but we understand the specific challenges your company or organization is addressing.  Click below to learn how we have helped our clients achieve their goals and to view samples of our work.

Learn How You Can Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

Our Team members have written a number of blogs about specific parts of how we create successful marketing campaigns – from how to design an effective website to SEO techniques, as well as inbound marketing and branding strategies. The "Answers" section of our website houses all these articles, with these three being our most recent: