What We Do

Our Digital Marketing Agency provides a range of services to our clients. We get asked “Do you do this”? The answer is probably yes, but if not, we can help you find the best company who can. To help you spot the service you are looking for here are some of the things we do.

Advertising Campaign, Planning, Creative & Management
Help your organization define, attract and keep profitable clients and customers.
Strategic Content & Inbound Marketing
Produce web pages, blogs, videos, and more to lure profitable customers and clients.
Website Design & Development
Create and manage your "www.com" from start to finish.
Social Media Strategy & Campaigns
Expand your customer or client base through targeted outreach and advertising.
Pay-Per-Click and Digital Advertising (OTT)
Help customers who are looking for your products and services find your organization.
Photography & Videography
Explain what your organization does visually.
Email Campaigns and Nurturing Workflows
Keep your customers, clients and prospects informed and engaged.

Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

This is how we craft a successful marketing campaign for your organization.

First, we dig into the strategic goals of your company, organization or government entity. We do this by asking a series of questions, such as…

  • Is the goal to raise awareness of an issue?
  • Are you seeking to increase the visibility of your government organization?
  • Is your company seeking to grow product sales or expand a service line?
  • How much growth or market share do you need or want to get?

We keep asking deeper questions until we have a clear understanding of your goals. Then we brainstorm marketing strategy options.

As we start to define the strategy, other questions may be:

  • Is your audience local, regional or national?
  • What is the age of your ideal prospect?
  • What are their interests, job titles, income and affiliations?

Then, we determine if your marketing efforts should be passive, moderate or aggressive. Marketing campaigns are most effective when sustained consistently. Starting and stopping your efforts due to budget restraints hurts more than helps.

In this part of the process, you will receive a proposal that details a complete roll-out plan. We usually include an outline of recommended website changes, collateral and campaign ideas. Together, we make sure the campaign aligns with your organization’s strategic goals.

After the campaign is running, we evaluate the results. As we see what’s working, we tweak what we are putting time into to get better results over time. As your organization and strategy evolves, we keep in touch with you, so your marketing keeps pace.

If you already have marketing efforts in place, we do not always need to start from scratch.

Our agency enjoys collaborating with other agencies and individuals. We also recognize your team may be successful with parts of an existing advertising plan. But they need help with specific projects to supplement their knowledgebase. We can jump in and fill in gaps or give an unbiased opinion on what is working and what needs improvement.

Strategic Marketing Campaign Workflow

Learn How You Can Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

Our Team members have written a number of blogs about specific parts of how we create successful marketing campaigns – from how to design an effective website to SEO techniques, as well as inbound marketing and branding strategies. The “Answers” section of our website houses all these articles, with these three being our most recent: