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How to address the challenges of creating Public Health Campaigns. Creating marketing campaigns that raise awareness about elective healthcare services or address difficult public health and awareness topics.

Creating and managing a successful healthcare awareness campaign can seem challenging. But by following our three step method, you can generate awareness for the issues that matter most to your organization.

Public Health and Awareness Campaign Ideas

As with any marketing campaign it is essential to start by defining and attracting the right audience, and that also holds true for public health and awareness campaigns. Then, your campaign will be most effective to consistently promote your chosen issues to an audience that will be impacted the most. Finally, don’t forget to analyze your campaigns to make sure you are reaching your core audience while complying with any HIPPA laws and other privacy considerations.

1. Define your audience. You may think you should speak to ‘everyone’. And yes, it may be very important for everyone to know about your chosen issue. Realistically, for budgetary reasons it is possible you will need to make difficult choices. Your audience can be defined by geography, by age, interests, income or environmental factors that lead them into a situation where your issue is prominent.
For example, an issue that effects many people is Domestic Violence. However, by looking at statistics of those who suffer from domestic violence you can see patterns. Both men and women are abused by intimate partners and it is most prevalent in 18-24 year olds. So, if you have a limited budget and you are seeking to make a significant impact – then targeting 18-24 year olds in a relationship would be your best starting place.

2. Get the word out consistently. And by consistently, we don’t necessarily mean year-round. With public awareness issues, it is helpful to ride the coattails of other like-minded organizations and government programs when possible. An example keeping with the Domestic Violence issue awareness, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Your organization may promote its programs to combat domestic violence year-round with the use of Palm Cards to EMTs and first responders, but during October you should also consider adding outdoor advertising, social advertising specifically targeting 18-24 year olds (this age group consistently uses Instagram and SnapChat), and digital video ads. To make the most impact, if you can sustain your efforts from September – November, instead of only the one month you will see better results.

3. Analyze your results. All organizations should have some website presence, even if it is not elaborate. Don’t forget to add Google Analytics to your website’s code and review how people have found your website. If someone visited your website directly, they likely heard about your organization through word of mouth or through a traditional ad (such as an billboard or palm card). If you have a calling center or location, work into your process asking where a person heard about your organization. Then based on the feedback and analysis tweak your outreach program to get the best results possible.

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