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Keeping Greene County Informed During COVID-19

COVID-19 presents a unique challenge. The global pandemic hit with a force that brought our lives and many livelihoods to a full stop.

The Governor of New York put the state on Pause starting March 22, 2020. Throughout the following weeks, KathodeRay helped Greene County proactively communicate to residents and businesses through our established channels.

Listen to Pat Linger, Chair of the Greene County Legislature and District 5 New Baltimore. He explains our role during a COVID-19 interview on radio station WRIP 97.9.

COVID-19 website popup window
This pop-up window displayed on all Greene County websites, helps residents, second homeowners and business owners find information.

Informing Residents

One part of our COVID-19 program was to keep residents informed. To help people navigate the crisis, we sent emails, social posts and press releases.

  • Unique visitors to the Greene County Government website increased by 250%
  • Half of the website visitors consistently returned to the website
  • Over 80,000 people reached through paid and organic Facebook social posts and ads

The information distributed included:

  • Daily COVID-19 health statistics – during the peak of the crisis
  • Social distancing information and tips
  • Mask distribution and COVID-19 testing site locations
  • County services information
  • State regulations and rules
  • Destination closings
COVID-19 stats update
Residents received daily statistics, by social and/or email.
Group of Social Posts
Social posts covered a range of COVID related topics and information.

Reopening Greene County

These promotional videos were released to generate interest and sales. County programs rely heavily on the income generated by sales taxes. With the local economy shut down, many consumers purchased taxable goods online. Our goal is to bring that spending back in-county, and as a first step, help consumers know what services are available.




Auto Sales:

Informing Businesses

Another part of our program supported and informed business owners. The pandemic brought many challenges to business owners. Executive Order forced many businesses to shut their doors temporarily. It was necessary to help business owners navigate the situation. We distributed emails and created a COVID-19 landing page on GCEDC’s website.

Re-opening Greene County Landing Page
COVID Relief Loan Post