KathodeRay is a Full-service Digital Marketing Agency.

We make it a priority to:

  • Provide direct, personal service
  • Understand your organization
  • Become a seamless part of your team
  • Document tangible results

As a team, we bring a wealth of expertise to your organization. A marketing strategist or business analyst is your main point of contact. Our production teams work in small pods. These pods usually have a content writer, designer, web developer, and marketing specialist. Your pod learns everything about your organization or business. This helps us better serve you and your team.

The hub of our creative activity is in our Great Northern Catskills office. We have easy access to Albany, New York City, Montreal, and Boston. We are happy to drive or hop on a plane to meet your team in-person (within social distancing rules). Our team members choose to work in-office or remote from home. This allows us to draw talent from throughout the United States. We tend to not use off-shore talent. (We’ve tried, it doesn’t work well for us.)

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What We Do

Our Digital Marketing Agency provides a range of services to our clients. We get asked “Do you do this”? The answer is probably yes, but if not, we can help you find the best company who can. To help you spot the service you are looking for here are some of the things we do.

Advertising Campaign, Planning, Creative & Management
Help your organization define, attract and keep profitable clients and customers.
Strategic Content & Inbound Marketing
Produce web pages, blogs, videos, and more to lure profitable customers and clients.
Website Design & Development
Create and manage your "www.com" from start to finish.
Social Media Strategy & Campaigns
Expand your customer or client base through targeted outreach and advertising.
Pay-Per-Click and Digital Advertising (OTT)
Help customers who are looking for your products and services find your organization.
Photography & Videography
Explain what your organization does visually.
Email Campaigns and Nurturing Workflows
Keep your customers, clients and prospects informed and engaged.

Knowledge and Discovery

We love learning and sharing what we have learned with you. Read our latest articles, eBooks and informative materials to keep up to date on what’s new in marketing.

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Small Business Resources

We created a list of small business resources that we use as a company or recommend to our clients. Browse our webinars, blogs and articles, and digital marketing tips for your small business.

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