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KathodeRay Media has over been offering branding and identity design services for over 25 years. Our logo and brand identity designers pair creativity with strategy. First we identify your ideal customer and target market. Then we capture your organization’s values visually and concisely, rolling out a stunning brand that will represent your organization for years to come.

Branding and logo design serve as the visual identity and emotional anchor of a company, playing a pivotal role in shaping the perceptions of a brand. These elements are the face of a business, reflecting its values, personality, and mission. A well-crafted logo goes beyond mere aesthetics; it becomes a powerful symbol that resonates with audiences, fostering a sense of trust and recognition. An effective branding strategy will make a good first impression, set you apart from your competitors and build customer trust and loyalty over time.

Here are some key components that our team will address as we work on developing your brand:

Analyze competitors
How will your business stand out? Create a brand positioning statement and define your business’s unique value propositions.

Find your why
Why does your business exist? Define your mission, vision and values- What does your brand stand for? What does the future of your business look like?

Involve employees in the process
Employees are ambassadors of your brand.

Define your objectives
What do you want to accomplish?

Establish your identity
How will your brand be perceived? This includes your brand’s image, personality, story, artistic direction, messaging and communication.

Identify extensions
How can you expand your brand into other areas?

Build a cohesive brand
Make sure all elements of your brand work together.

Create brand promise
Why should your consumers choose your company?

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Government Communications and Economic Development

Work sample from Multi Grant | Greene County Economic Development Corporation
Multi Grant | Greene County Economic Development Corporation
The MULTI Grant Program was created by the Greene County Economic Development Corporation to assist existing and startup small businesses with grant monies for utilities, logistics, technology, and inventory. The team at KathodeRay created the MULTI acronym based on those usage categories, and designed a program logo compliant with the Buy In Greene | Invest In Greene brand.
Work sample from Transit | Chautauqua County, NY
Transit | Chautauqua County, NY
KRM is currently under a multi-year contract with CARTS, rebranding the system to CHQ Transit, and transforming the on-bus experience to attract new, sustainable ridership from commuters, students and tourists while maintaining service for existing clients. CHQ Transit is an impactful, memorable and cohesive brand identity that elevates the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit Systems as an economic driver for businesses, institutions, and destinations throughout the county
View full work sample from Economic Development | Rockland County, NY
Economic Development | Rockland County, NY
Commerce is the lifeline that ties Rockland County and all the associated “Rock Brands” together. It’s what encourages economic stability and growth, and it supports a healthy business environment and empowers companies to compete at the highest level.
View full work sample from Business Attraction | Rockland County, NY
Business Attraction | Rockland County, NY
Rockland County is bursting with opportunity for employers and possesses a combination of key factors that Make It Rockland. Its unparalleled amenities, highly educated, driven, and diverse workforce, desirable residential options, and business-friendly services are what attract so many people and businesses to the area.
View full work sample from Film Office | Rockland County, NY
Film Office | Rockland County, NY
The film industry isn’t just for NYC or LA, as film production in Rockland County has grown to become one of its most profitable industry sectors. More and more producers and film workers have noticed Rockland’s great variety of locations, its proximity to NYC, and pro-business focus make it a leading destination in the world for filming. This generates revenue and helps spur development in the County, while also giving us a chance to display all the things that make Rockland great and helps foster pride in its communities.
View full work sample from Tourism | Rockland County, NY
Tourism | Rockland County, NY
Rockland County is the “Gateway to New York” – to those coming up from NYC and Long Island, it’s their gateway to the rest of the state. To those coming from other regions of the state, it’s their gateway to the city. More than that, though, Rockland County possesses an eclectic mix of unmatched natural, cultural, historical, and commercial assets attracting visitors from all over the world. While within the region, the rich and diverse culture and special attractions will entice tourists to make their Destination Rockland, again and again.
Work sample from Economic Development | Town of Greenville, NY
Economic Development | Town of Greenville, NY
Greenville is one of the oldest incorporated rural valley towns in Greene County, NY. While other towns in the county are experiencing significant economic growth, Greenville faces challenges attracting new visitors, residents, and businesses. KathodeRay worked with the town to develop a new brand that encapsulates Greenville's life-style, business climate, and community.
Work sample from Broadband Expansion | Greene County, NY
Broadband Expansion | Greene County, NY
An influx of federal funding delivered under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 will enable Greene County to provide last-mile broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved rural residents. This high-visibility, multi-year initiative required a memorable and impactful brand that identifies the effort and adheres it to the services provided by county government. Created and launched in June of 2021, the program has already produced a statistically valid sample of survey respondents, identifying specific underserved homes and businesses for connection.
Work sample from Transit | Greene County, NY
Transit | Greene County, NY
The Greene County Department of Human Services had the goal of increasing ridership on a new public transit route linking Greene and Columbia counties via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. A significant number of students at Columbia Greene Community College, as well as workers at Columbia Memorial Health services live in Greene County and could benefit from affordable commuter transport. A cashless app was implemented in early 2020 so riders could buy discounted, all-day passes on their smartphones, and the program was branded with the new route number as “Ride 711 – It’s a River, Get Over It!”. An integrated social media post and advertising campaign, as will as the distribution of printed collateral was initially very well received prior to the COVID restrictions implemented in March 2020.
Work sample from Economic Development | Greene County, NY
Economic Development | Greene County, NY
The Greene County Economic Development Corporation was established in May, 2018 with the goal of attracting 25-45 year old's looking the optimal place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.
Work sample from Buy Local - Business Attraction | Greene County
Buy Local - Business Attraction | Greene County
Our mission? To increase sales tax revenue. Sounds boring doesn't it? We didn't think so. In 2008, Greene County's buy local campaign started with an agenda to "Think BiG". Which eventually transformed into our Buy In Greene “buy local” program. We also paired it with an Invest In Greene business attraction component. By combining the two, we helped Greene County Main Street businesses thrive.
Work sample from Tourism | Historic Huguenot Street
Tourism | Historic Huguenot Street
A little over 10 years ago, KathodeRay created this logo for Historic Huguenot Street. Historic Huguenot Street is a 10-acre National Historic Landmark District. Visitors experience over 300 years of history while visiting seven historic stone-house museums. It is a unique historic destination in New Paltz, New York. The icons of the houses were a core part of this logo treatment and remains in their logo today. The typography and colors have since been updated – which looks fab by the way. We are thrilled that the essence of our design remains in-tact after so much time has passed.
Work sample from Museum | Mid-Hudson Children's Museum
Museum | Mid-Hudson Children's Museum
When our founder Kathleen’s children were young, her family would spend a lot of time in children’s museums. They had the opportunity to visit the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum and her kids greatly enjoyed the experience. To give back to their community, her team donated their time to help the Director and Board create a new brand identity. This logo treatment was envisioned and created – and still in use today.

Public Health and Awareness

Work sample from Sleeping Around Podcast
Sleeping Around Podcast
The Sleeping Around Podcast changed hosts, after 58 episodes. With this host change there is also a content change as well. They are still discussing sleep and health but not so much music, wine, and spirits. As a result the former logo with a record in the center, didn't work as well. This new logo conveys nighttime to morning with its coloring. The iconography incorporates headphones to represent the podcast. The two pillows with zzz's represent the two hosts, as well as sleep.
Work sample from Family Planning | Greene County, NY
Family Planning | Greene County, NY
We had the pleasure of working with Greene County's Family Planning department in celebrating their 50th anniversary by creating a new logo. Our challenge was to incorporate the generic county seal into the design while maintaining a friendly and approachable feel, as opposed to a corporate one. To achieve this, we opted to utilize the county's existing color palette and developed a family icon featuring a parent holding a baby, coupled with a warm and casual font.
Work sample from Damm Good Sleep
Damm Good Sleep
Dr. Anne Marie Morse had a great name for her personal brand - DAMM Good Sleep. But she needed a look for her brand that would be professional yet approachable. She wanted a little bit of fun and edginess while still keeping the design simple and easy to apply to things like hats and t-shirts. We created a logo to do just that. With clean lines and only two colors, this design is easily recognizable whether printed or embroidered - and visually conveys her mission to help everyone appreciate a good night's sleep!
Work sample from Spiritual Awareness and Healing | His Person
Spiritual Awareness and Healing | His Person
Every now and again, we are called to help someone realize their personal mission. This brand is just that. We interpreted words and feelings into a simple elegant logo. The goal? For "Everyone to Feel the Weight of this World Lifted from their Shoulders and Replaced with the Peace of God."
Work sample from Harm Reduction Awareness | Greene County Public Health
Harm Reduction Awareness | Greene County Public Health
Overdosing from drugs laced with fentanyl is a nationwide epidemic. Unfortunately, the overdose rate in Greene County, New York has been increasing dramatically. The reason? It’s hard to tell the difference between drugs laced with fentanyl and those that aren’t. Our team helped Greene County Public Health get the word out that fentanyl test strips are available for FREE. This brand treatment conveys to "Stop and Check for Fentanyl". Lives depend on our target audience taking the next step to get the test strips. Shown is the logo on a sticker that was designed to be placed in public restrooms, as part of our grassroots outreach.
Work sample from Healthy Living Awareness | Wake Up and Learn
Healthy Living Awareness | Wake Up and Learn
Wake Up and Learn promotes awareness that a good night’s sleep is important for teens and kids. The logo we created for them is fun and inviting. Why? We provide easy to understand tips for teens, kids and parents, but want to keep the tone fun, so they hear the advice. The organization also helps educators spot when their students are lacking sleep. If there is a sleep disorder discovered, the underlying causes can be addressed, helping the student be successful and happy.
Work sample from Recovery Awareness | Columbia-Greene Addiction Coalition
Recovery Awareness | Columbia-Greene Addiction Coalition
Columbia and Greene counties established a coalition to combat the stigma of addiction. As they formed, their workgroup wanted a distinctive logo and brand identity. In the design, we wanted to convey hope, stability, and a bright future.
Work sample from Recovery Services | Greener Pathways
Recovery Services | Greener Pathways
Greener Pathways’ mission? To guide families and individuals who are suffering from opioid addiction through recovery. Based in Greene and Columbia Counties of New York - their logo reflects the hope and healing that can be achieved through recovery.
Work sample from Community Outreach | Community Action of Greene County NY
Community Outreach | Community Action of Greene County NY
Communication Action of Greene County offers community and emergency service programs. Primarily for low-income and vulnerable individuals and families to help them achieve self-sufficiency. In short, they provide a helping hand to those in need. Although they are part of a larger organization, they wanted a logo that was unique to them.

Small Business

Work sample from Educational Non-Profit Corporation | MJQ Irish Centre
Educational Non-Profit Corporation | MJQ Irish Centre
As part of an overall re-branding campaign for this Irish Heritage organization, KRM developed a recognizable and memorable logo incorporating the colors of the Irish flag, the traditional Claddagh ring, and a stylized Celtic font set.
Work sample from Consultant | Storrs Associates
Consultant | Storrs Associates
Victoria Storrs founded Storrs Associates in 2021. That September, we had the pleasure of meeting her in-person, learning more about her firm and distilling her vision into a new Brand. Storrs Associates is creative, visionary, and financially savvy. All of these traits help the firm’s clients achieve success, and is represented visually here.
Work sample from Dental Service Provider | Teeth Tomorrow
Dental Service Provider | Teeth Tomorrow
As Teeth Tomorrow® expanded their service offerings, a national-feeling brand identity was key. Teeth Tomorrow's focus is on implants. They provide support services to dentists in their provider network. Teeth Tomorrow is also a full-arch implant product marketing directly to patients. The logo had to appeal to both the network providers and the consumers in need of the full-arch implant. Getting an implant, especially a full-arch implant can be scary to a patient. Our designers chose an open and friendly font style, with a modified "new day" icon. (Inspired by the previous logo.) The result - a logo that is modern and simple, that appeals to both audiences.
Work sample from Lumber Building Materials | Vermont Hardwoods
Lumber Building Materials | Vermont Hardwoods
Vermont Hardwoods determined that merging their two brands, would provide economies of scale. We revitalized their Vermont Hardwoods brand and merged two websites into one. Their customers can now see the full scope of products their mill offers.
Work sample from Generator Installation Services | HPS
Generator Installation Services | HPS
In the last decade, Holdridge Electric’s focus shifted to standby generator sales and service. To reflect this change, Holdridge Electric created a subsidiary Holdridge Power Systems. This helps their customers and prospects better understand their products and services. To connect the two brands, our designers used the colors, font style and the iconography of the parent company. We also focused on the initials of the name, so that "Holdridge" (the last name of the owner) will be less of a focal point. The long-term goal is for the entities to become separate companies.
Work sample from Law Counsellors | Riposta Cassidy LLC
Law Counsellors | Riposta Cassidy LLC
When a Law Firm adds a partner, it isn’t unusual for the firm to add the partner’s name and rebrand. Cory Anne Cassidy wanted to bring a fresh modern design to the Firm’s brand. Anthony J. Riposta prefers a traditional look. Our logo combined the two aesthetics to showcase the strengths of both partners.
Work sample from Commercial Real Estate | U.S. Realty Management Co.
Commercial Real Estate | U.S. Realty Management Co.
As the lights on Broadway are scheduled to be turned back on this September. The businesses that serve the Theatre District will be revitalized. During the COVID Pause, we re-branded 1650 Broadway. Launching a website to help small and medium businesses find their new office space.
Work sample from Cosmetic Dental Practice | Woodstock General and Implant Dentistry
Cosmetic Dental Practice | Woodstock General and Implant Dentistry
Claudia Patch, DMD acquired a well-known dental and implant practice in Woodstock. Her vision was to install her treatment philosophies and make it her own.
Work sample from Financial Services | Command Credit
Financial Services | Command Credit
accredit offers affordable self-serve business credit reports. In the logo, we wanted to convey how accredit helps businesses make decisions. They help businesses decide which customers and vendors to work with. Their reports use multiple data points - so we chose singular dots that lead to a final “check box”. Instead of a "box" we chose to use a circle to represent their comprehensive reporting model.
Work sample from Commercial Real Estate | Kaufman Organization
Commercial Real Estate | Kaufman Organization
The Cardinal Building is an open, airy three-story, 62,701 RSF commercial office building in Long Island City. It has beautiful roof deck views of Midtown Manhattan and a private outdoor garden patio in the rear of building, that can be used as an office. Our logo design conveys professionalism and openness paired with convenient location.
Work sample from Executive Search Firm | Parker Blake
Executive Search Firm | Parker Blake
Parker Blake is a C-level executive and Sales and Marketing professional talent agency. Their logo reflects how personable, creative, talented, well-connected, and focused their team is.
Work sample from Restaurant | Catskill Golf Resort
Restaurant | Catskill Golf Resort
Bistro 27 is a casual restaurant that overlooks the Catskill Golf Club. It is a popular happy hour spot for golfers to join their friends either before or after meeting to play a round. Our goal was to capture that vibe.
Work sample from Insurance | EP Nevins Insurance Agency, Inc.
Insurance | EP Nevins Insurance Agency, Inc.
Many years ago, Kathleen met the principle of EP Nevins at a Chamber meeting. They were both starting their businesses in a small Hudson Valley town. They clicked right away, forming a friendship that continues today. When Erin wanted to have a logo created for her company, she hired KathodeRay to bring that vision to life. Erin believes in long-lasting business relationships through a personal service model. The logo colors are warm and friendly. The letters EP interconnect, to symbolize her company's connection to their clients. Finally the typography reads “Insurance” so you know at a glance what her company’s services are.
Work sample from PEO | Acadia HR
PEO | Acadia HR
Acadia HR helps companies attract and keep high performing workers. Their streamlined brand design emanates efficiency, friendliness, and timeliness.
Work sample from Financial Services | Beyond Wealth Management
Financial Services | Beyond Wealth Management
Creating a brand identity is rewarding; helping to name a company is even more so. With this type of project, the goal is to capture the essence of the founder’s vision in one word. When our team was brought in, the founder of Beyond Wealth Management was starting to build his financial services firm. During the naming process, the word “beyond” was chosen to represent his visionary concepts, including his focus on high-touch personal service (going above and “beyond”) and offering college planning (“beyond” the services of typical insurance and retirement firms). Once named, the design of the logo quickly materialized. The icon, topography and colors convey the firm’s core values - holistic, flexible, and complete.