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Fentanyl Awareness Campaign

In this Fentanyl Awareness Campaign, Greene County Public Health gets the word out that test strips are available for FREE. This brand treatment conveys to “Stop and Check for Fentanyl”.

Lives depend on our target audience taking the next step to get the test strips. The overdosing rate from drugs laced with fentanyl in Greene County has been increasing dramatically.

The reason? It’s hard to tell the difference between drugs laced with fentanyl and those that aren’t. And even if you use the test strips… unlike other testing strips, a double line means there isn’t fentanyl detected.

Video Creative for Cable and OTT Placements

To reach the largest number of viewers, we opted to place this video on both Cable and OTT. We had a quick creative turnaround time. But our team was up to the challenge, creating this effective video ad with clear messaging.

Fentanyl Awareness Video for Cable and OTT

A Broad Outreach Effort

We needed to reach the largest number of people as possible quickly. To do so, we also placed ads on billboards and social. We also created Palm Cards for first responders to hand out, and stickers to place in public restrooms.

Stop and Check for Fentanyl Billboard
Social Media Ad - Fentanyl Test Strip Campaign 2
Social Media Ad - Fentanyl Test Strip Campaign 1
Get FREE Test Strips Palm Card - Front
Get FREE Test Strips Palm Card - Back

How to Use Fentanyl Test Strips Card

The next problem we had to solve was, several people had the test strips. But, they still overdosed because it was hard to read the results correctly. As mentioned previously, a double line means there isn’t fentanyl. If you have taken other strip-based tests – a single line means what your testing for isn’t detected. (For example, a single line means you aren’t pregnant.)

To make matters worse, we found the test strips came with a full page of instructions. Let’s be real, when is the last time you read a full page of instructions for anything? Never, right? In order to solve this, we created a “How-to Card”, shown below. On the front, the card quickly explains how to read the results. On the back, it gives more detailed instructions.

Finally, while learning how to use the test strips we discovered sterile water is needed to get proper results. So, we found small sterile water vials to include in the kit to make it even easier to use.

Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions Front
Fentanyl Test Strip Instructions Back

Check for Fentanyl with Test Strips Landing Page

Google Search Results Fentanyl CampaignGoogle Search Results
Fentanyl Test Strip Landing PageTest Strip Landing Page

As people are seeing the advertisements in the Fentanyl Awareness Campaign we know its hard to remember “Text Test” blah, blah, blah.

You’ll see that if you Google “free fentanyl test strips greene county”… the Greene County Public Health Landing Page is the first result.

If you click on the link, our landing page has information on how to get and use the Free Fentanyl Test Strips.

View Landing Page

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