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GNH Lumber's Website 2021

A great partnership since 2008.

Our relationship began when we redesigned GNH’s website. We quickly became GNH’s marketing program manager, when we discovered our teams worked well together.

Our main targets are homeowners and contractors who are remodeling homes. GNH has three locations. Two are Building Supply and Lumberyards in a rural area. The third is a Design Showroom in a suburban/urban area. A creative challenge is to appeal to both audiences. To do this, the advertising creative is clean and elegant with a friendly voice. Plus, the social channels and website offer plenty of helpful tips that appeal to DIYers and new contractors. This combination positions GNH as an approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful neighbor.

Inspire with Social

Our strategy is to catch GNH’s customers’ eye, with appealing photography. As people scroll, scroll, scroll – beautiful photos with clever copy helps them pause and take notice. It’s not all fluffy stuff though. When GNH’s customers do pause, they are rewarded with specific and helpful information. This builds trust with their customers and prospects.

We also use social to promote the community projects that GNH supports. Many companies are uncomfortable “tooting their own horns”. GNH is the same. Social gives GNH a way to shout out and promote the people and organizations they are helping. At the same time, their customers learn of the good things GNH does that was previously behind the scenes.

Two Websites for Two Audiences

GNH Showroom's Home Page
GNH Lumber's Home Page
Showroom's Kitchen & Bath Page
Lumber's Kitchen & Bath Page
Showroom's Kitchen Design Center Landing Page
Lumber's Sale Page

We wanted to showcase the strengths of the Lumber and Building Supply stores and Design Showroom individually. To do this, we created two specific websites tailored to each audience. focuses on Kitchen and Bath Design, as well as Windows and Doors. (Larger home improvement projects.) has information about the variety of lumber and building supply products. We also feature kitchen and bath design and larger projects.

Each website has what we call “lead attraction funnels”. There are Guides to attract people who are starting to think about their large projects. A prospect or customer, fills out a simple form to view the guide. Then we send them emails with inspirational ideas, and relevant sales offers.

For those who are ready to buy, we have seasonal and monthly sales for walk-in traffic. For larger projects we offer quote and appointment requests.



Videos - great for advertising and DIY tips

Videos are perfect for brand awareness especially on TV or OTT. We also place short DIY and explainer videos on GNH’s websites. It’s just one more way for GNH to be helpful to their customers.

Marvin / GNH Window and Door OTT Advertisement
DIY - Measuring Replacement Countertops
GNH Kitchen Design TV Advertisement
Finance your Kitchen though GNH!
DIY – How to Measure for Replacement Island Countertops

360 Tours

We wanted GNH’s customers to explore their Design Showroom virtually! 360 tours allow us to create a walk through experience right on their website. We also added the 360 to GNH’s Google My Business Card for their Latham location.

Targeted Print Advertising

Image of a Print ad placed in the Greene County PennysaverPrint ad placed in the Greene County Pennysaver.
Greenville Pioneer AdsGreenville Pioneer Ads
GNH Bathroom AdCapital Region LGBTQ Guide Bathroom Design Ad
Mountain Eagle AdsMountain Eagle - Product and Sales Ads

Print advertising used wisely, helps keep GNH’s brand top of mind. Each month we feature a product or service that their customers will be interested in. In some periodicals, we also arrange to have editorial content placed. These are articles that we write that explain how to do a project or are inspirational. These articles are also placed on one of the websites, and promoted on social.

Some of the advertising is supplemented by co-op funds. We work with the vendors to create co-op approved ads – to make sure they will be covered in full.

Billboards, Direct Mail, Events and More

It’s difficult in one page to explain all the different placements and strategies that rolled out when marketing a company. When done right, it feels like the brand is ‘everywhere’ to the target consumer. This slideshow has examples of other media for you to browse through including:

  • Billboards
  • Pointy by Google Listing
  • Direct Mail for an in-person event
  • Job Opportunity information
  • Flyers
Image of a Billboard placed on Rt 32 Palenville, NY (Lamar Advertising)
Google/Pointy Listing
Image of a postcard to procure registrations for a special event
GNH Jobs Available Flyer
GNH Website Sales Flyer
GNH Billboard - Windham Rt 23
GNH - What a Girl Wants event flyer