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Promoting economic development & government communications in Greene County, New York.

The Greene County Legislature created the Greene County Economic Development Corporation in 2019. It is the overarching authority for all economic development activities in Greene County.

For this organization, our targets are larger employers and destination businesses. We also need to attract owners of existing businesses who are seeking to relocate or expand. The website is simple and easy to use. It helps site selectors and developers find information to choose a location. Relevant supporting data is downloadable for their reports including:

  • available sites
  • location benefits
  • economic indicators

and other valuable resources.

Greene County’s core message is their communities are Affordable, Beautiful and Commutable. Many residents commute to jobs in the Capital District and Hudson Valley regions. This group of people is an excellent workforce source. Greene County is a great area to relocate key employees to. This is especially true if the business moves from an area with a higher cost of living. Plus, if needed, goods can be transported to Albany, Boston, or New York City.

Using the website as a hub

Economic Indicators on a website
Pop-up offer for Lead Generation
Available Commercial Property in Greene County website screenshot

The website features an updatable repository of Key Economic Indicators. It provides 18 major statistics and demographics on Population, Employment, Workforce Income, and Real Estate. The content administration tool enables updates of these indicators in a single table. When new annual data become available, it is easy to display the values in current year to previous years.

Popup offer boxes appear on relevant page content as the user scrolls. These offers encourage visitors to enter their contact information to download an offer. The information also gets archived for future outreach efforts.

There is also an updated list of available Commercial Properties. This helps businesses find an ideal location and have a quick overview of what is for sale.

The economic development website links to other initiatives led by Greene County. This helps cross promote their other programs including Buy in Greene and their main street business attraction program Invest in Greene.


KathodeRay Media developed and fostered the relationship with Greene County Economic Development stakeholders for over 15 years – effectively becoming their marketing & advertising department as an extension of their in-office staff and leadership.

This long-term, collaborative relationship has led to major successes including achieving (and often exceeding) annual goals and targets, and creating a positive perception of Greene County, NY in the marketplace.

Cumulative Achievements Include:

  • Expansion of Greene County Sales Tax Revenue by 81.33% (2010 vs. 2022) and accounted for over $1.14 billion in sales tax revenue.
  • Over 1,200 local businesses promoted through free listings on
  • Over 100 new small businesses established in the county since 2016 through the Invest in Greene program.
  • Over 18,000 engaged social media followers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Over 10,000 downloads of publications, guides, and templates for establishing a small business in Greene County, NY.
  • Over 8,000 engaged prospective new business contacts receiving monthly updates, offers, and news alerts.
  • Over 1,500 pages of website content, business listings, and blog posts, each optimized to attract internet searches on the topic and the geographic area.
  • Over 100,000 annual visitors to, and