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Greener Pathways Trifold Brochure

Bringing awareness and a path to recovery to those suffering from an addiction to opioids.
Greener Pathways guides families and individuals who are suffering from opioid addiction through a variety of programs.

In 2017, Greene County had the third highest rate of opioid-related deaths in New York State, so our community-awareness messaging focused on recognizing the signs. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, help is just a call away.

This trifold brochure is distributed throughout Greene and Columbia Counties.

Creating Awareness Using Video

At the time, not a lot of people realized how much a problem opioid addiction was. One of our primary objectives was to let residents and influencers know there was a problem. And it was more prevalent in the area then they would have realized. We placed a looping video in County lobbies and non-profits. At the same time we broadcasted the video on the local cable network.

Social Media and First Responders

Greener Pathways Snapchat AdsExample of a SnapChat Ad
Greener Pathways Palm CardPalm Card example distributed by First Responders.

As viewing trends were trending locally, we also reached out on social media. One platform that was especially effective was snapchat. We were able to reach a younger audience, who wasn’t watching cable.

We also created Palm Cards that could be distributed by EMTs and local Police. They are often in contact with those suffering from addiction or their families. This is a perfect way to introduce the ways they can get help and treatment.

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