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KathodeRay has been Amping Up Brand Awareness for Holdridge since 2012

Holdridge Electric was introduced to KathodeRay through the Greene County Chamber of Commerce. After attending several marketing seminars given by Kathleen, their founder Mike brought us in to better promote their general services and increase their standby generator sales.

KathodeRay took over their marketing in 2012, reaching prospective customers by augmenting traditional media (including placemats and print ads) with improved organic search results and social media campaigns.

Image of Holdridge Electric's Website
With this well-optimized website targeted leads are generated for Holdridge Electric. Providing a steam stream of customers.
Image of a Holdridge Electric Facebook post
Shared organic Facebook Posts reach new prospects easily and quickly.
Image of Holdridge Electric Print folders, brochures and business cards
Print is a very effective way to distribute information to your customers and prospects such as folders, brochures and business cards.