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Helping companies find their perfect retail or office space for over 100 years.

The Kaufman Organization has been working with KathodeRay since 2001. It all started with a single poster design for their property management arm. From that one project, we formed a relationship that serves multiple departments and has lasted nearly two decades..

Today, KathodeRay supports their acquisition and leasing teams to attract tenants to their newly acquired and revitalized properties in New York City. We are essentially their marketing department – handling requests from many team members

Promoting Kaufman Organizations Full Spectrum of Services

Kaufman Website

Their branded website serves as a vehicle to promote the full spectrum of services offered listing, leasing, and property management.

Property-specific websites help prospective tenants locate available space for lease.

Collateral and Emails

Agents keep in touch with their prospective clients with Flyers and Emails to keep them up to date with what is available to lease.  An 8-page brochure gives a complete overview of the company, it’s team and holdings. Deck of cards was designed with an elegant design on the front.

Kaufman Flyer Promoting Property
Kaufman Organization Brochure
Kaufman Deck of Cards
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