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Kelly Fradet Celebrates their 70th Year

Kelly-Fradet interviewed over 7 digital marketing and website companies. They chose KathodeRay.

What did they like about us? We were responsive to their questions and we had industry experience.

  1. Their concerns?
    Our office is located in another state. So we make sure to meet with their team in person as often as they wish.
  2. In the past, digital marketing didn’t prove effective. So we marketed a few products that weren’t advertised elsewhere.

Our team has been working together since 2016. In our first year, we rolled out a comprehensive digital strategy. Sales increased overall. Which can’t be tracked to just our marketing efforts. However, sales significantly increased in departments that were only being promoted by us.

Each year we’ve built upon our successes. Rolling out new programs that ‘make sense’ for their team and advertising budget.

Kelly Fradet Website Home PageKelly-Fradet's website is our primary way to track all digital traffic for analysis purposes.
Kelly-Fradet Build a Deck Lead GeneratorWe use lead generation pages such as this to procure customer leads.

Our first project with Kelly-Fradet was recreating their website. At the time it had been awhile since it was visually updated.

We analyzed what pages were popular and then re-architected the structure. We also dug deep into Kelly-Fradet’s concerns. Although they had been in the area for a long time many locals didn’t know Kelly-Fradet has a large selection.

The new website focused on products. The home page features seasonal products, changing each month. We also allowed customers to ‘browse’ the products on the website. Then we added pricing and a request a quote feature. When the COVID pandemic hit, we expanded upon the ecommerce features. A high demand for building products, had prospects searching for new places to buy materials. The product-centric website allowed people to request a quote. As a result, Kelly-Fradet was able to move product while expanding there customer base.

Google Display ads reinforce the Kelly-Fradet brand.

When customers are searching for specific products, Kelly-Fradet branded advertising appears along side text ads and as customers are viewing other popular sites. Reminding them that Kelly-Fradet is your local source to buy building supplies.

Planting ideas with Social Media

Boosted Facebook posts help spark ideas for new building and home projects. We can target homeowners in the Kelly-Fradet delivery area easily. And create demand from specific locations.

Keeping customers engaged using automated emails

Kelly-Fradet keeps customers engaged with interesting project ideas, using email. We set-up automated workflows. These are pre-written emails featuring new project ideas and information. They are automatically scheduled and sent to specific customer types. This keeps the open and click rates up and prospects interested.

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