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Kelly-Fradet chose to work with KathodeRay after interviewing over 7 digital marketing and website companies.

What did they like about us? We were responsive to their questions and we had industry experience.

Their concerns? We are located in another state - so we make sure to meet with their team in person at least twice a year. In the past, digital marketing didn’t prove effective with other agencies.

However, we lead them to success in our first year with our comprehensive digital strategy that tangibly increased sales overall and in departments that weren’t previously promoted.

Image of the Kelly-Fradet Lumber Website
Kelly-Fradet's website is our primary way to track all digital traffic for analysis purposes.
Image of Display Ads
Display ads assist in brand and product awareness. (Not actual size)
Image of Kelly-Fradet Lumber's emails that keep customers engaged
Kelly-Fradet's emails keep customers engaged with interesting design ideas.
Image of lead generation pages for Kelly-Fradet Lumber
We use lead generation pages such as this to procure customer leads.
Image of a Kelly-Fradet Lumber Facebook post
Boosted Facebook posts generate interest for both the brand and guide.