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Non-profit Coalition Brand Identity Example

Columbia and Greene counties established a coalition to combat the stigma of addiction. As they formed, their workgroup wanted a distinctive logo and image. So, KathodeRay was brought in to create their non-profit coalition brand identity. In the design, we wanted to convey hope, stability, and a bright future.

Addiction is a complex disease that can be chronic. It affects people from all walks of life, at different times in their lives. And the road to recovery is usually a winding road and not a straight path. As you view the collateral on this page, we encourage you to keep that in mind.

Empowering First Responders

One way to reach people in need of help, is through first responders. People who suffer from addiction often hide their disease because of community stigma. This simple card clearly offers help in whatever stage a person may be in.

CGAC Palm Card Front
CGAC Palm Card Back

Community Outreach

CGAC Community FlyerCGAC Flyer
CGAC Brochure FrontCGAC Brochure Front
CGAC Brochure OpeningCGAC Brochure Partally Open
CGAC Brochure InsideCGAC Brochure Inside
CGAC Brochure BackCGAC Brochure Back

Reducing stigma in communities, encourages people who are suffering from addiction to get help. One way to reduce stigma is to talk about addition openly.

To help the twin counties community understand C-GAC mission – a flyer and brochure were created that succinctly describes its mission and purpose.

Generating Awareness through Social

Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 1Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 1
Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 2Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 2
Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 3Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 3
Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 4Alcohol Addiction is a Disease Social Ad 4
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