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Public Transportation Promotion

The Greene County Department of Human Services had the goal of increasing ridership on a new public transit route linking Greene and Columbia counties via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. A significant number of students at Columbia Greene Community College, as well as workers at Columbia Memorial Health services live in Greene County and could benefit from affordable commuter transport. A cashless app was implemented in early 2020 so riders could buy discounted, all-day passes on their smartphones, and the program was branded with the new route number as “Ride 711 – It’s a River, Get Over It!”. An integrated social media post and advertising campaign, as well as the distribution of printed collateral was initially very well received prior to the COVID restrictions implemented in March 2020. The program is ready to re-launch as soon as the new route resumes it’s normal schedule.

Ride 711 - It's a River, Get Over It!

Easily Adding Warnings and Alerts and Notices

COVID 19 presented unique challenges for Greene County Transit, causing them to make all bus routes available by appointment only. We had initially built functionality that allowed the client to login to the dashboard, and set Notices, Warnings, and Major Alerts that need to be acknowledged by users before they can proceed. This is easily accomplished using an internet-connected device, by selecting the level of severity, entering the information to be displayed, turning on the alert, and clicking ‘Update’.

Editable User Interface
Interface for setting Notices, Warnings, and Major Alerts.
Before proceeding each user must click ‘I Understand’.