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Ride 711 - It's a River, Get Over It!

Public Transportation Promotion

Greene County Department of Human Services wanted to increase riders on a new bus route. (Linking Greene and Columbia counties via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.) Our first task? Determine which Greene County residents needed affordable transportation. We discovered Community College students and Columbia Memorial Health employees would benefit most.

A cashless app was implemented in early 2020 so riders could buy discounted, all-day passes on their smartphones and the program was branded with the new route number as “Ride 711 – It’s a River, Get Over It!”. The social posts, advertising, and collateral were well received. Unfortunately, the route was shut down during COVID-19. The program is ready to re-launch as soon as the new route resumes it’s normal schedule.

Communicating with Riders

Editable User InterfaceInterface for setting Notices, Warnings, and Major Alerts.
major alert as displayed on the website

COVID 19 presented unique challenges for Greene County Transit. There are many service notices, warnings, and alerts that riders need to know before they buy a ticket.

We made sure the website and app were ready to face this challenge! It is possible for the client to log into a dashboard from any internet-connected device. They enter the information, select the type of notice, turn on the alert, and click ‘Update’. That’s it!

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