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The Rockland County Department of Mental Health oversees a network of providers delivering a wide variety of services to county residents. The population of Rockland County is uniquely diverse with high percentages of Spanish-speaking, and orthodox Jewish communities. Age-specific services address the needs of Seniors, Adults, Children, Teens, and those recovering from substance dependance.

KathodeRay Media has been working with Rockland County since 2020, under a marketing services contract across multiple departments. In 2023, the Department of Mental Health reached out to our team to provide assistance on 3 outreach projects promoting mental health services for children and teens, harm reduction, and the department’s 311 call service.


The restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic had a high impact on school-aged children, resulting in an increased need for mental health care services for children and teens. While there are many available options for care, parents and guardians are often confused by the variety of choices, and where to seek help based on their situation. The goal of this effort is to engage both patients and staff at primary health care provider offices with easy-to access means on where to go to get the help required.


Working with the team at Rockland County, our team designed a high-visibility reference poster to be displayed in the offices pediatric practices throughout the county. The poster presents all available options, their locations, contact phone numbers, and type of care provided. Single sheet take-away versions are also available at poster locations, in both English and Spanish.


Durable, laminated 18”x 24” posters were created and deployed in 50 primary healthcare offices. Corresponding takeaway flyers for patients were created in both Spanish & English, enabling parents to locate the most appropriate care for their children’s needs.

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