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Wake Up and Learn Logo

Wake Up and Learn is a sleep education program designed to help students perform better.

The visionary behind the program, Dr. Anne Morse asked us to create a fun, playful brand to engage teens and kids. Dr. Morse also wanted to be sure the kids and teens actually liked the logo. As part of our design process, we assembled a group of kids and teens to vote and comment on the logos that we created. Our result? A dynamic logo that translated well to a vibrant website to educate students, parents, and educators enrolled in the Wake Up and Learn Program.

A few years after the original program launched, Geisinger wanted to fold the Wake Up and Learn program into their organization’s group of brands. the Geisinger team took our original design and reworked it to align with their design guidelines. We used their brand guidelines to create a new batch of collateral to share with the schools. You can see the examples throughout the page below.

Palm Cards and Posters for the Program Participants

We needed to communicate to the kids and teens how sleep affects their lives. These informative and fun palm cards, show the many ways getting a restful sleep is important. The first design is the new Geisinger brand look, the rest showcase the original design, including custom characters for the Sun and Moon.

WUAL Train Like a Champion Palm Card
WUAL Palm Card Tired

Social Media Posts

Wake Up and Learn Social Post for IGWake Up and Learn is a free voluntary program to help students create and maintain great sleep habits.
WUAL Tips for Better SleepTips for Better Sleep
WUAL How Your Brain Learns during SleepHow your brain learns during sleep
WUAL Sleep helps your Immune system.Sleep helps your Immune system too!
WUAL Need coffee or energy shots then skip out on drivingNeed coffee or energy shots then skip out on driving.
WUAL Sleep to train betterSleep to train better!

A cost-effective way to reach kids, teens and their parents is by giving the schools pre-written Social Media Posts and graphics.

We created five social media bundles that have:

  • Images formatted for Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Two sets of suggested text
  • Hashtags.for Instagram or Linked In

Then, we packaged the messages up, to allow for easy sharing with the schools.

Bulletin Boards

Every school has bulletin boards, so we have been creating a series of posters that can be placed on the school’s bulletin boards organized into a suggested layout.

WUAL- Fall 2023 Bulletin Board
WUAL - Fall 2022 Bulletin Board

Resource Booklet

In the Fall of 2023, one of our favorite projects to work on was to design a 44-page booklet that helps WUAL Sleep Champions implement the Wake Up and Learn program in their school district. Here are a few selected pages for you to see.

WUAL Sleep Resource Book
WUAL - Sleep Resource Book additional Pages
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