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Wake Up and Learn Home Page 2022

Wake Up and Learn is a sleep education program designed to help students perform better.

The visionary behind the program, Dr. Anne Morse asked us to create a fun, playful brand to engage the teens and kids. Dr. Morse also wanted to be sure the kids and teens actually liked the logo. As part of our design process we assembled a group of kids and teens to vote and comment on the logos that we created.

Our result? A dynamic logo that translated well to a vibrant website to educate students, parents and educators enrolled in the Wake Up and Learn Program.

Palm Cards for the Program Participants

We needed to communicate to the kids and teens how sleep affects their lives. These informative and fun palm cards, show the many ways getting a restful sleep is important.

WUAL Palm Card Tired

Creating a Informative Sleep Disorder Resource

Wake Up and Learn Sleep Disorders

After the website launched, we added a Sleep Disorders guide. This guide educates people on common and not so common sleep disorders:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Parasomnia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Sleep Related Movement Disorders
  • Sleep-Wake Disorders

A new article is written and added to the guide each month, so keep the content fresh.

View Sleep Disorders Guide

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