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KathodeRay Media has a proven track record when it comes to municipal website design. We mindfully design municipal websites where citizens can easily access news about upcoming meetings and local laws, find contact information for various departments, or download the forms they need. As people rely increasingly on the internet to get their information, it’s crucial that local governments have an online presence.

Town of Greenville website
Municipal websites should be designed for all devices
Town of Greenville - established 1803

Town of Greenville, NY

Greenville is one of the oldest incorporated rural valley towns in Greene County, NY. While other towns in the county are experiencing significant economic growth, Greenville faces challenges attracting new visitors, residents, and businesses.

Through consultation with the town leadership we developed a brand that encapsulates life-style, business climate, and community. As part of this project we created an ADA-compliant website that provides easy access to town information, events and services – displaying content in the most efficient and elegant manner on all devices from phones to large screens.

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Gateway to the Catskills
Town of Cairo - business directory
Town of Cairo - Fossil Forest

Town of Cairo, NY

KathodeRay Media has been serving the Town of Cairo, NY since 2015. This rural town of 6,700 generates over $50 million in retail sales simply because of its location. Over 75% of people traveling to a destination within Greene County (which includes both Hunter and Windham Mountain and a large portion of the Catskill Park) pass through the town of Cairo, NY.

Improving Access to Information

The first project we worked on with the Town of Cairo was to create a new website that consolidated the day-to-day operational information required by both residents and town employees. We designed and implemented intuitive interface enabling each town department to manage and update content specific to their needs.

Supporting Business Development and Discoveries

Rebranding the town as “The Gateway to the Catskills”, we helped the town position itself as a welcoming place for new small businesses, national and regional franchises, and entrepreneurial start-ups. Because we are the Agency of Record for Greene County, we were able to seamlessly add a Shop and Dine Tab to the website. We did this by leveraging the database of businesses already registered on Buy In Greene, and displaying those businesses on the Town of Cairo website.

In December of 2019, a scientific study confirmed that Cairo, NY is home to the fossilized remains of the world’s oldest known forest, dating back some 385 million years to the Devonian Period. To promote this discovery, our team created an engaging story about this period in Earth’s development, found under the Community Tab on the website.

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Town of Windham Website
Windham Reporter's Notebook
User-friendly design makes maintaining a municipal website much easier

Town of Windham, NY

We developed this beautiful website in 2016, showing the lasting power of great design. We have helped town leadership add to the website functionality over the years. A few examples are an easy to use agendas and minutes section. We also added a reporter’s notebook section that contains audio files. The town staff updates the content using an easy to use content management system.

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