Dawn Kralovich Owner, Down With the Wellness

Featured May 2024
Winning Woman May 2024: Dawn Kralovich

Dawn Kralovich, owner of Down With The Wellness, started her business 2 years ago after becoming a board-certified nurse coach. This expanding upon her 2 decades of experience as a registered nurse. As a nurse coach, she takes a holistic approach to her clients’ wellbeing – considering their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – and helps them to achieve their life goals.

In addition to running her own business, Dawn is also a mom to five children. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys weightlifting, reading, going for walks and being out in nature. In the future, Dawn hopes to spread the word about nurse coaching and how it can improve lives. She is grateful to The Successful Nurse Coaches mentorship group for the support.

KathodeRay admires the way Dawn helps her clients achieve their wellness goals and become the best versions of themselves.

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