Rebecca Flach Executive Director, Hope Full Life Center Inc.

Featured July 2022
Winning Woman July 2022: Rebecca Flach

Rebecca Marion Flach is executive director of Hope Full Life Center Inc. located in Ravena. Her work there helps to provide critical support for people struggling with food insecurity. It all started with the Helping Harvest food assistance program in 2010, which provides heavily discounted groceries to low-income families in the area. To complement Helping Harvest and honor a former volunteer, Rebecca helped open the Linda Civill Community Garden also in Faith Plaza.

“What I love most about Helping Harvest and the community garden is how they empower people,” Flach said. “Instead of a handout, we ask people to pay a little for their groceries or help plant their own food. There’s dignity in this model and we treat Helping Harvest like a special co-op just for the struggling families who count on us.”

Rebecca’s passion for her community doesn’t end when the work day is done. She is heavily involved in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Community Business Association (RCS CBA) and is even a founding member of the board! While at work there, she applies her boundless passion for the community by advocating for economic development initiatives and celebrating business community successes.

Rebecca also contributes to her husband’s many businesses where she helps with grant writing and financial management. Don’t let her schedule fool you – Rebecca remains as driven and energized as ever! She carves out time for her three kids, unwinds in her garden, and offers support to another Ravena-based charity, Justice For Orphans which was founded by her sister-in-law.

Thank you for your tireless work in everything that you do, Rebecca!

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