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Economic Development & Government Communications Marketing helps regions, counties and towns by attracting profitable businesses that increase tax revenue.


Ask questions.
It’s all about you. Not us. We start by learning as much as we can about your region, county or town. We read your studies and plans. We talk. We brainstorm. We ponder.

Create stories.
Our goal is to engage and attract influencers. But, we aren’t talking about famous influencers, although that doesn’t hurt. We are talking about the average resident, a visitor, the small business owner, the c-suite corporate executive. These influencers share information among their peers, teammates and colleagues. We want them talking about your region as a terrific place to visit, to live, to do business, to raise a family.

Set goals.
What types of businesses does your region want to attract? What is your region missing? Do your communities need more kids to fill the schools? Or do you need more nurses to take care of your residents as they age? Let’s dig deep and figure out what your community needs.


Create a plan.
Based on what we learn about you and your objectives, we create a tailored approach backed by our experience in Economic Development & Government Communications. We have a lot of flexibility as a small organization. Our teams work in pods, so they understand your account in depth and can pivot as required.

Leverage technology.
The platforms we prefer are WordPress with plugins that add needed functionality. We would also recommend pairing with HubSpot. This will give us added audience information and a CRM. If HubSpot is too costly, we can leverage SharpSpring instead. (We have created products in both).

Create the brand, website and supporting materials needed.
A large part of our success is writing content for each individual audience. Our strategic content writers, usability designers, marketing specialists and website programmers all work together with your team as a cohesive unit.

Roll out your program.
Yay! We take your website live and announce it to your key influencers.

Analyze, tweak and refine.
Our best successes are with clients we have an ongoing relationship with. This helps us review, analyze, tweak and refine our programs for a better ROI.

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