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Are you creating an Economic Development Marketing Plan for your State, County, Town or Region?

Our three-step method can help you create an Economic Development Marketing Plan that will stimulate strategic revitalization and growth of your state, county, town or region.

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First: Define your vision and speak to your audience.

Your region’s vision is the core of your plan. Start by defining goals. Is your goal to revitalize Main Street businesses? Or do you want to increase tourism? Do you need to attract new businesses to do this? Or can you promote established businesses?

Once you have your vision established, then talk to your audiences. Successful economic development outreach speaks to several audiences. To start with, you should communicate with your residents, second homeowners, business owners and officials. Then, you will want to create marketing messages that will attract new businesses, residents, second homeowners and developers.

Don’t forget that each audience has their own concerns. For example, current residents want to see transparency in motives, plans and implementation. Keep them abreast of your vision through media outlets (Community Newspapers or Local Radio and Television), website, enewsletters, social media and town meetings. Developers will want to be assured their investment will be recouped and be profitable. They will want information about economic statistics, tax implications, loan or grant opportunities, and planning or zoning guidance.

Secondly: Get the word out consistently.

No matter what specific efforts are defined in your marketing plan, be sure to start and stop your campaigns mindfully. You don’t have to advertise or promote all year long or aggressively. Your annual plan should be thought of as an investment in time, money or a combination of both. Determine what can be budgeted each year and then keep to that allocation. You may alter campaign platforms, activities, actions or messaging however the amount of effort should either slowly increase over time or stay consistent.

Finally: Analyze your results.

Creating a website for your campaign or region will help your team analyze your marketing campaign results. How? Put Google Analytics onto the website. Then, you can review how people have found the website and interact with the information. Finally, by analyzing how your website was found, your visitor engagement and more, you can modify your economic development marketing plan to get better results.

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