Work / Government Communications

Your county or town government has messages to convey to your community. KathodeRay is a consistent and dependable Government Communications Agency partner.

Our team can help your County and Town:

• Develop strategies to keep your community top of mind.
• Keep many messages in the market – intact and understandable.
• Effectively connect your community with individuals, not demographic profiles.
• Ensure that your Departments are talking with each other and not over each other.
• Consistently measure key performance indicators to produce a return on investment.
• Commit to fiscally responsible advertising metrics and accountability.
• Keep and expand current vendor partnerships.
• Draft the language needed to acquire additional funding.
• Can turn on a dime and reprioritize as needed.

Our Government Communications Process

We start by learning as much as we can about your county or town.

Then we create ‘Personas’ for your community. Each Persona contains a demographic and psychographic profile. We research cultural and community orientations that may drive the persona’s actions.

We dig into your vision and community objectives. Creating a complete plan of action. From this plan, we develop imagery and messaging to elicit the desired response. No matter what media we use to relay the messaging.

After the messages are out in market – we review, analyze and tweak.

It is important to note, we perform the majority of our production work within our own teams. Occasionally, we subcontract media buying as well as photo and video shoots. Our subcontracted work is closely directed by our producers.

View Our Work
Town of Greenville Logo
Town of Greenville
Greenville is one of the oldest incorporated rural valley towns in Greene County, NY. While other towns in the county are experiencing economic growth, Greenville, however, faces challenges attracting new visitors, residents, and businesses. We created a brand that encapsulates Greenville's life-style, business climate, and community. Then, we rolled out this new brand into a ADA-compliant website. The new website provides easy access to town information, events and services.
COVID-19 “Stay Connected” Program Logo
COVID-19 “Stay Connected” Program
Covid-19 was a unique challenge to everyone. KathodeRay helped Greene County communicate to residents and businesses. We used pop-up windows on the Greene County website. This helped residents, second homeowners and business owners easily find information.
Town of Cairo Logo
Town of Cairo
The Town of Cairo, NY wanted to attract new residents and business to their town. To do this we started by making information easier to access on their website. We branded the Town of Cairo as "The Gateway to the Catskills". We then launched a social media campaign targeting the New York City metro area.
Ride 711 Logo
Ride 711
Greene County Department of Human Services wanted to increase riders on a new bus route. We discovered Community College Students and Columbia Memorial Health employees would benefit most. In early of 2020 a cashless app was implemented so riders could buy discounted, all-day passes on their smartphones and the program was branded with the new route number as "Ride 711 - It's a River, Get Over It!".