KathodeRay is a Full-service Marketing Agency.

We connect governments and organizations to their communities.

How? By using ingenuity and imagination to …

  • Create awareness of progress and opportunity within your community.
  • Help residents and visitors find local shopping, dining, and service businesses.
  • Make residents and stakeholders aware of challenges that affect them and their community. While encouraging them to get help or get involved.
  • Attract new small businesses while helping micro-entrepreneurs be successful.

Our NYS-Certified WBE marketing agency has over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing memorable brands and messaging campaigns that produce measurable results. Learn how our small (but mighty) woman owned and operated marketing agency can help your organization and community thrive.

Intrigued? Learn About Us

What We Do

Our Full-service Marketing Agency provides many services to our clients. We get asked “Do you do this”? The answer is probably yes, but if not, we can help you find the best company who can. To help you spot the service you are looking for here are some of the things we do.

Advertising Campaign Planning
Advertising Campaign, Planning, Creative & Management
Strategic Content Inbound
Strategic Content & Inbound Marketing
Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy & Campaigns
Branding Creation
Brand Creation & Messaging
Pay Per Click
Pay-Per-Click & Digital Advertising
Photography Videography
Photography & Videography
Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns and Nurturing Workflows
  • Government Communications and Economic Development Branding

    By understanding the community, its stakeholders, and objectives we create brands that engage its target audience.
  • Public Health and Awareness Logos

    An engaging brand attracts the attention of your audience while conveying urgency and compassion.
  • Small Business Logos

    A unique logo and brand consistency elevates your company’s stature, helping to attract profitable clients.

Knowledge and Discovery

We love learning and sharing. Read our latest articles and materials to keep up to date on government issues, communications and marketing.

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